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Due to COVID all in person volunteering has been suspended temporarily.

Volunteers release “happy hormones” (endorphins, dopamine & serotonin) which contribute to feeling a sense of satisfaction. Doing volunteer work one finds meaningful can help increase one’s positive outlook on life, motivate a person to do more for themselves and their community, and go home feeling rewarded.

Need School Hours?

Develop Life Skills

  • Interact with Others/Cooperation
  • Learn Organization Skills
  • Building Confidence


Employability Skills

  • Professional Experience
  • Recommendations
  • Career Knowledge


Are you limited in time?

While it may be a challenge to coordinate time to volunteer due to time constraints, there are projects where you can help. For example, fundraisers, duties could include folding invitations, event set-up and clean-up, decorating and assisting the planning committee.

  • Food Drive
  • Benefit Races
  • Packet Pick-Up


Office Aide – Filing, typing, compiling mail-outs and general office duties.

Shelter Pantry – Assist staff in cataloging current food supplies, removing expired items and organizing

Kitchen Assistance – Assist cook in preparing meals, serving and cleaning area.

Childcare Assistance – Work with children in the shelter through reading time, structured activities or play therapy programs.

Individuals: Please fill out the form to apply to be a volunteer.


Prepare & serve a meal, Help in our benefit races, Can-do-Food Drive, Game Day at the Shelter, Fixer-Upper Day at the Shelter , or Have fun and find a National Day to celebrate. For example:

  • National Childcare Day: 05/11
  • National Non-Profit Day: 08/17
  • National Nacho Day: 11/06
  • National Princess Day: 11/18

Groups: Click here to e-mail our Volunteer Manager Jessica

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