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Whatever your reason is, we need volunteers just like you to help us at The Bridge.

Volunteers are the backbone of The Bridge. In 2020 The Bridge had 5,023 volunteer hours (COVID numbers). In 2019 we had 12,852 volunteer hours. As you can see, we would not be able to function without our wonderful volunteers! 

Volunteers also make a significant impact on our clients, when they show up to help someone they don’t know, have never met, and may never see again, it gives our clients hope, hope for a future without violence, hope for a better life for both them and their children. It begins to rebuild their belief and trust in humanity. 

The benefits to the volunteer are just as significant. It allows one to be part of their community, meet new people, make a difference, learn new skills, and even have FUN!

Benefits From Volunteering

Do you need volunteer hours for school?

Do you want to develop your life and employability skills?

  • Interact with Others/Cooperation
  • Learn Organization Skills
  • Building Confidence
  • Professional Experience
  • Recommendations
  • Career Knowledge

Limited on time…

While it may be a challenge to coordinate time to volunteer due to time constraints, there are projects where you can help. Volunteer to help with special events as your schedule allows.

  • Food Drive
  • Benefit Races
  • Packet Pick-Up
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping
  • Annual Fundraisers
  • More!

Volunteer As An Individual Or Group

Fill out individual application here.

Office Aide – Filing, typing, compiling mail-outs and general office duties.

Shelter Pantry – Assist staff in cataloging current food supplies, removing expired items and organizing donations.

Kitchen Assistance – Assist cook in preparing meals, serving and cleaning area.

Childcare Assistance – Work with children in the shelter through reading time, structured activities or play therapy programs.

For more questions on volunteer opportunities contact Jessica at JPineda@tbotw.org

Fill out group application here.

There are many ways groups can help The Bridge, here are just a few…

  • Prepare and Serve a Meal
  • Can-do-Food Drive
  • Host a Game Day at the Shelter
  • Fixer-Upper Day at the Shelter
  • Grounds Clean-Up Day
  • Host a Party/Celebration for Clients
  • National Childcare Day: 05/11
  • National Non-Profit Day: 08/17
  • National Nacho Day: 11/06
  • National Princess Day: 11/18

Groups: Click here to e-mail our Volunteer Manager Jessica

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