After a historical World Series win by the Houston Astros, I began to reflect on our mission and the similarities between America’s favorite pastime and the American dream. Every baseball fan knows the feeling of hearing the umpire yell safe when their team slides into home plate. Imagine what it feels like for each man, woman, and child who steps foot into our lobby at The Bridge and finally hears the words, “You are safe”.


Thanks to your generosity, for over four decades, our organization has provided support, resources, and safety to more than 20,000 survivors each year. Incredible warriors, like Eddye, were able to start their own businesses and obtain the education and training to become financially independent. Other survivors include teenagers like Serenity, who escaped human trafficking and completed a variety of court and life skill programs and went on to become one of the youngest ambassadors for The Bridge.


Those are just a few examples of inspiring success stories that I am proud to share, but I must also acknowledge the tragedies as well. Last year 204 beautiful lives were lost due to intimate partner violence in the state of Texas, most of those here in the Greater Houston area. While many of us will never play in a World Series game, we all have the opportunity to be Champions of Change, and that is where we need you.


Today we embark on our Year-End Campaign and our goal is to provide therapy, shelter, youth mentorship and support for more survivors by raising $10,000 towards our mission. We are inviting you to close out this victorious year at the Champion level by making an in-memoriam contribution in honor of last year’s victim. If just you and 49 friends donate $204 before the end of the year, we will exceed our goal. How simple is that?


No matter the amount, we are truly thankful for your time, treasures, and talents that you so generously share to impact real change. So, can you “pitch” in? Consider an end-of-year gift to help us prevent violence.

  • $25 – First Base: Provides warm, clean linens for a survivor in emergency shelter
  • $50 – Second Base: Ensures a client receives trauma-therapy
  • $100 – Third Base: Offers hospital advocacy to victims of trafficking
  • $204 – Home Run/Champion Level: Feeds a family of four for a week
  • $300 – Grand Slam: Provides one night of safety for a family

You can easily donate by clicking here or calling our office at 713-472-0753. As always, thank you for your support and for continuing to make home a safe place for all.

Until all are safe,
Q. Olivia Rivers