written by Tammie Nielsen


Discover Why We Wear Denim!

Denim Day is April 24th


As April unfolds, you might notice a surge of denim flooding your social media feeds on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday. Selfies featuring denim jackets, snapshots of colleagues sporting jeans at the office – all accompanied by hashtags signaling Denim Day. But do you know the significance behind this denim-clad display? Let’s delve into the backstory.

Denim Day traces back to a harrowing incident in Italy during the early 1990s. An 18-year-old girl fell victim to sexual assault at the hands of her driving instructor. Shockingly, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the initial conviction, asserting that the survivor’s jeans were too snug to be forcibly removed, insinuating consent. Outraged by this verdict, women in the Italian Parliament donned denim the following day in solidarity. This gesture laid the groundwork for what we now know as Denim Day, initiated by Peace Over Violence in Los Angeles in 1999. Since then, it has evolved into a global movement symbolizing unity with survivors and rejection of the toxic narratives surrounding sexual violence perpetuated by victim blaming.

When the court scrutinized the survivor’s attire, it imposed a moral judgment on her clothing choice, perpetuating the dangerous notion that victims invite assault based on their attire. These seemingly harmless remarks shape attitudes, influencing behaviors and decisions. It’s imperative to challenge such beliefs and actively oppose the normalization of sexual violence. Stand with us to combat victim-blaming and foster a culture of empathy and accountability.

On April 24, 2024
Wear Denim (Men, Women and Children)
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