As we continue celebrating women history makers, pioneers, and future leaders, this week we will shine a light on the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala. 

You can read more of her story here, but Malala is a Pakistani activist who survived a horrific violent attack on her way to school and eventually went on to be an activist for girls’ rights to equal education. At the age of 11, Malala began using her voice and started a blog describing what life was like in Pakistan and the results of the Taliban’s impact on girls attending school. Even though there were individuals who tried to silence her, she continued to speak out.  The quote below is a simple reminder that your voice matters, and your story matters. It seems like these days the world is rarely silent, but when it is, whose voices will rise up?  We may not have a global stage like Malala, but our voices matter among our family, our friends, and our communities. 

Your voice is powerful. It is welcome here. So, please use it.