Welcome to Wellness Wednesday. 

As we continue your journey of self-love for February, we do not want to overlook loving our bodies. 

I know that is not something we talk about much in the workplace; however, is it equally as important as caring for our mental and emotional health. 

Studies show that over half of the US population is unhappy with their bodies, and while this will not be a pep talk on body image, this is a gentle reminder to be kind. 

One of my favorite quotes from Buddha is: “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” 

The way we talk to ourselves, plays an important role in our mental health. 

When we speak love to ourselves, our subconscious mind hears and absorbs it, and processes it. 

Unfortunately, the same is true we speak unkind words to ourselves. 

Words matter.

This week, I borrowed an image from a social media mental health advocate, known by her handle @Miss_Mental0, who can be found on IG and her personal website. 

She has great resources, infographs, and memes, to put thing in perspective and keep our self-love at the forefront of our minds. 

Below are 8 powerful reasons to love your body. I encourage you to read this list, say these reasons aloud to yourself, and find a few more to add. 

You will be surprised at all the amazing things our bodies do for us on a daily basis to protect and sustain us.  

Be YOUtiful.